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About this site
Welcome to the Movie Poster Universe website.

Put away your wallet and all the payment options it may contain! Because there is absolutely nothing for sale on this site. It is dedicated solely to the enjoyment and appreciation of movie poster art, primarily from what is commonly known as the "golden age of the cinema": The 40s, 50s and 60s of the last century.

As most of you know, since the beginning of cinema movie posters were always meant to serve only one purpose, and a very practical one at that: To promote a film and to entice the potential moviegoer to buy a ticket. They were intended to be used until worn out and then to be thrown away. Simply temporary advertising material and nothing more! As such, artistic merit in design and execution were not necessarily a prerequisite, although many of them were created by very talented and even accomplished artists.

Almost all movie posters up to and throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s were not just designed by artists but also handpainted by them. The skills of poster artists, of course, varied as much as the skills of artists in other disciplines, but many of them honed their art to such a degree that some of their work inarguably now belongs into the sphere of fine art. This site almost exclusively features posters that have been hand-painted. Photographic posters, although in most cases equally well designed, have been omitted on purpose here, simply because they do not involve artistic painting skills. It is hoped that no visitor to this site will take exception to this,since this is merely a personal preference of the creator of this site. Therefore, this website belongs to poster painters.

Because poster art of any kind has been one of the main areas of visual communication since the end of the 19th century, it should not be overlooked that almost all printed visual communication is made up of two main elements: Pictures and words. Poster artists of all decades since the birth of cinema were aware of this (as indeed is any advertising designer nowdays). Therefore, the design of the title has always been of the utmost importance in the overall layout of a movie poster. Because of that, this site will also pay homage to some of the most memorable type treatments of titles from movies of bygone decades.

It has not been a secret for a very long time now that vintage movie posters have become eminently collectible items, in some cases fetching truly unbelievable prices (the original "Mummy" one-sheet from the 30s sold for close to half a million dollars, the 1927 German poster for "Metrobolis" went for as much as $690,000!).

Many of the most skillfully painted posters do garner prices in keeping with their artistic merit, but many others also ring in at unbelievably steep amounts, not because of outstandingly skillful artwork, but because they have turned into "cult" items over the years. (Just try to buy an original item from a b/w B-movie like "The Creature from the Black Lagoon"!)

However, the objective of this site is not to evaluate posters on the merit of their market value, but simply on their beauty and the artistic skills that went into their creation. Since we all have personal preferences, visitors to this site are by no means expected to agree with the choices and opinions expressed by its creator. It's my site and my opinions!

No doubt, beautiful movie posters have since the early days of cinema been created in just about every country that ever screened movies. This site does not intentionally exclude any country or artist, but the items shown are primarily of U.S., German, French, Italian, Spanish or South American origin. This is simply based on the general availablility of movie poster images internationally.

Exploring this site further, you will find that there are many aspects of movie poster art that are of interest to most people appreciating or vying for these beautiful collectible items. Of course, you will find a "Hall of Fame" (as subjective as it can possibly be), a "Hall of Shame", featuring some of the the most sadly-wanting poster creations ever seen. You will also find a section on artistic rip-offs and fakes, as well as re-releases with changed titles and manipulated artwork trying to sell an "old" movie to a "new" generation. There is also a section dealing with seemingly endlessly repeated visual stereotypes, most likely not of concern to anyone at the time of a poster's creation, but nowdays viewed in a very different light, revealing sexist or even racist overtones.

And since everyone enjoys a good chuckle, there is a section dealing with poster images that are truly laughable for various reasons. In the same vein, there is also a section titled: "Who is that?", containing posters with portraits where the artist did not manage to capture a true likeness of the stars.

So then, without further delay, blast off into the Movie Poster Universe and have a look around! You'll find poster images comperable to the full range of celestial bodies: bright, awe-inspiring super novas, shining newly-born stars, solidly established stars, fading has-been stars, cold planets that disperse only reflected light, and little moons that had no hope of ever reaching planet, let alone star status. And, of course, there will also be designs deseving of a quick death in a Black Hole, the rightful place for poster creations that should never have been touched by a ray of celestial light in the first place.

If you like and appreciate beautiful original movie poster art and all the extras that come with it, you are likely to have a rewarding journey through this site. Simply enjoy the visual beauty and the stellar designs of hundreds of movie posters from around the world, and experience the power of poster art to evoke nostalgia reaching back as far as a century.

And, as said at the beginning, keep your wallet in your pocket - you will find nothing for sale on this site (although I do own a great number of the posters shown). It is very likely that this site may contain the odd mistake concerning poster info and/or release dates. Your input, corrections and suggestions are most welcome and much appreciated, as long as they are given in a constructive way.

Well then, fasten your seat belt, (as Bette Davis said in "All about Eve") and enjoy your visual journey through the Movie Poster Universe.